The biggest crypto exchange in Telegram application.

First Telegram exchange with its own token RECT.

Rectifier Exchange is implemented as a Telegram bot.

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Let's take a closer look at the core of the Rectifier exchange!


Rectifier Exchange wallet has 7 main functions presented under the informational panel and currencies list:
• Deposit (used to replenish your balance)
• Withdrawal (used to withdraw your funds)
• Buy RECT (buy RECT token)
• Sell RECT (sell RECT token)
• P2P Transfers (transfer funds to another Rectifier user)
• Staking (Stake and earn with RECT token!)
• Conversion (Convert cryptocurrencies)

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Rectifier Exchange and his tasks

Rectifier Exchange is the first crypto exchange based on the official Telegram bot. Rectifier allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies, as well as earn without leaving the Telegram application. The main task is to simplify all financial operations: deposits, exchange, trading, withdrawal. Today, all exchanges and crypto applications require registration and identity confirmation to interact with assets, but not Rectifier! All you need is a pre-installed Telegram app.

Rectifier Exchange has also introduced TRC20 standard token RECT, which is used for trading in the bot. Now the RECT token shows stable growth and arouses a great interest on the part of investors.

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Rectifier Exchange and technologies

Telegram provides a data transfer protocol and API for the Rectifier Exchange bot. P2P transfers and payments with RECT token within Telegram are based on the MTProto cryptographic protocol, which is known as the most secure and anonymous data transfer protocol.

RECT token is a TRC20 standard token, which can be purchased for BTC, USDT, ETH, BUSD, BNB, TRX, and LTC currencies in the official Telegram bot. RECT token is a permanently growing project. We set ambitious goals, such as a future RECT NFT bot. Regarding our plans and goals, you can read more in our White Paper or Roadmap sections. With Telegram support, in Q4 2022 RECT token bot will be transferred t


Rectifier Exchange and Technologies


Regular updates

Rectifier Exchange never stands still. Developers are adding new features regularly. ​For the last 4 months we added more than 40 updates. Technical upgrades, new features, languages, currencies etc. Click to see full list of updates in chronological order.

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Full list of updates and To-Do list

  • RECT token smart contract deployment
  • Rectifier Exchange launced
  • BTC, ETH, BUSD, BNB deposits added
  • P2P transfers added
  • Portuguese language added
  • Airdrop 1.0
  • RECT token TronLink and Trustwallet integration
  • Russian and Czech languages added
  • LTC deposits added
  • French, German, Spanish, Italian languages added
  • Aidrop 2.0
  • TRX deposits added
  • Staking 1.0 launched
  • Aidrop 2.0
  • Wallet 3.1
  • Conversion functionality