Actual statistics

Initial RECT price

18 May, 2022


1 RECT = 0.011 USDT

Daily growth: 0.5-14%

Actual RECT price

11 August, 2022


1 RECT = 0.3273 USDT

Last 24h growth: +1.52%

Projected price

12 August, 2022


1 RECT = 0.3413 USDT

The price can differ from the real

RECT token and his tasks

The RECT token is set to revolutionize the ICO market and DeFi world. RECT token is a new idea integrated into the secure Telegram messenger. Cryptocurrencies reflect anonymity, simplicity, and an opportunity to earn. Together with Telegram, we will open a new stage of development. Thanks to the combined software, we will expand the boundaries of security and convenience in one application.

The main task of the RECT token is to enable people to pay for services and goods, as well as simply transfer funds to loved ones directly in Telegram. Once again, the process is fast, anonymous, and easy, without fees or bureaucracy.

RECT token and technologies

Telegram provides a data transfer protocol and API for the RECT token bot. P2P transfers and payments with RECT token within Telegram are based on the MTProto cryptographic protocol, which is known as the most secure and anonymous data transfer protocol.

RECT token is a TRC20 standard token, which can be purchased for BTC, ETH, BUSD, BNB, USDT ERC20, and USDT TRC20 currencies in the official Telegram bot. RECT token is a permanently growing project. We set ambitious goals, such as a future RECT NFT bot. Regarding our plans and goals, you can read more in our White Paper or Roadmap sections. With Telegram support, in Q3 2022 RECT token bot will be transferred to JavaScript, which will improve visual characteristics and functionality.

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About RECT in a nutshell!

Learn more in whitepaper!

The price of this cryptocurrency is determined by the demand of the ever-growing Telegram audience. At the moment, the exchange rate of RECT token has experienced steady growth due to the permanent investment increase. Daily growth has ranged from 0.5% to 14%!


Withdraw: RECT, USDT TRC20, USDT ERC20.

Token name:
Rectifier Token
Ticker symbol:
Total Supply:
95,000,000 RECT
Initial price:
1 RECT = 0.0110 USD
Today's price:
1 RECT = 0.3273 USD
Daily growth:
P2P commission:
Minimal deposit:

Meet our team of professionals

Any crypto enthusiast and experienced specialist can become the part of Rectifier team. More information about our vacancies in official Telegram bot.


Stages of development, innovation and plans of the RECT token.

2022, January


• Brand Creation
• Start RECT Token Bot Development
2022, February

Concept development

• Release Whitepaper
• RECT Token Bot Structure Creation
2022, March

Bot Testing

• RECT Token Bot Beta Version
• RECT Token Bot Updates
2022, April


• Website Launch
• More RECT Token Bot Updates
2022, May

Token Bot Launched

• Smart Contract Deployment
• RECT Token Fully Functional Bot
• Marketing Push
• Social Media Marketing
2022, June

Bot Updates

• Start First Telegram NFT Marketplace Development
• P2P Transfers
• Add Stacking
• Airdrop Campaign
2022, July

NFT Development

• First Telegram NFT Marketplace Beta Version
• NFT RECT Bot Test Update 2.0
2022, August

First Telegram RECT Payments

• Aggressive NFT RECT Bot Marketing
• Start Integrating RECT Token to Telegram Payment Services
• Metamask Implementation
2022, September


• Support Fiat
• Trust Wallet Integration
• Integrating RECT Token to Telegram Casino Bots
2022, October


• Integrating RECT Token to Telegram Betting Bots
• First Telegram NFT Marketplace
• Massive Marketing Push
• Moving RECT Token Bot to Js
2022, November


• CoinGeko Listing
• Pancakeswap Listing
• Binance Listing
• CoinMarketCap Listing
2022, December

Final RECT Button Telegram Integration

• More DEX Listing
• Massive RECT Token Integration to Telegram Services, Shops, etc

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Millions RECT

RECT token exchange rate growth!

This chard demonstrates the real exchange rate history (RECT/USDT) and is updated daily with exchange rate changes. Anyone can become an investor in RECT, regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced investors. If you need help, check our step-by-step guides


How can I invest in RECT token?

Any investor can purchase RECT token with the official Telegram bot. All you need is a wallet with a balance to exchange one of the acceptable cryptocurrencies (e.g., BTC, ETH, BNB, BUSD, USDT TRC20, and USDT ERC20) for RECT token and the Telegram app. A step-by-step guide titled “How to Buy RECT Token” can be found via the link. The Telegram bot gives you an address to which you can transfer any amount of acceptable currencies and convert it into RECT.

Can I add RECT token in a cryptocurrency wallet such as Trust Wallet or the Tronlink extension?

Yes, you can add RECT token in these wallets. After RECT withdrawal from the bot, you will receive your tokens in the app or extension automatically.

You need to add our smart contract: TXgncpy7ZuD6A6CZDVLwUCxXwu5CiFoFXL in the custom token field. Check the step-by-step guide on how to do it: Tronlink, Trust Wallet.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit is 1 RECT token. To become an investor, you can buy any coin at the current rate.

How do I transfer RECT token from my wallet to someone else’s wallet in the Telegram bot?

Use P2P transfer function in the [Wallet]. You need to enter user’s ID, choose the currency (RECT/USDT), amount and confirm procedure. 2. The fee for P2P transfers is 0%.

I have purchased RECT token and hold it in the Telegram bot. Is it safe?

Yes, your investments are completely safe. Telegram officially offers the MTProto protocol, which is the most anonymous and sage data transfer protocol. Telegram is famous for being an extremely anonymous and independent application, which guarantees full security.

Can I buy RECT token with cryptocurrency that is not in the list: BTC, ETH, BUSD, BNB, USDT TRC20, USDT ERC20?

Yes, sometimes you can buy RECT token for cryptocurrency that is not listed in our bot. Contact support to achieve that goal.

How can I sell RECT token?

RECT token trading can be completed using the Telegram bot. At this moment, automatic withdrawal is available in RECT and USDT TRC20. After providing an address for withdrawal, your money will be automatically transferred to your TRC20 wallet. You can also ask support for USDT ERC20 withdrawal. Withdrawal transfers take between 1-30 minutes depending on the network load. You can use any TRC20 address.

What is the reason behind such stable growth of RECT token?

The exchange rate growth is caused by an ever-growing Telegram audience. Regarding the official information by Telegram, the number of messenger users is growing by 100 million per year. Telegram’s plans to achieve one billion permanent users by the end of 2022. With increasing users also comes the increasing ned for its own internal cryptocurrency. Messenger is developing rapidly and additional goods and services are becoming available through Telegram. To maintain the principles of anonymity, Telegram needs its own cryptocurrency operating on the basis of official data transfer protocol by Telegram: MTProto. RECT token is the first cryptocurrency in the world that uses this data transfer protocol.

Is RECT token in the pre-sale stage?

No, users are already trading and exchanging RECT token (RECT/USDT) in the Telegram bot.

I can't find RECT token on major exchanges. When will it be listed?

Today, the trading of RECT token is completed within the Telegram bot. Listings on the major exchanges is planned for December 2022 and depends on the number of holders and bureaucracy. We are planning to sell 85% of tokens (total supply 95,000,000) before listing on exchanges.

How do I take part in an airdrop?

Simply visit our Airdrop bot here: and follow the provided instructions.

What is RECT NFT?

The Rectifier team is working hard and developing a Telegram bot for NFTs. Follow our channel to stay informed. The launch of this ambitious project is planned for Q3 2022.

I have invested in RECT token and need a tax reporting document.

You can download an example tax document in the “Documents” section.


All necessary documentation for partners, investors and holder of the RECT token.

Become the part of RECT token community in the official Telegram channel. Stay up to date with all news and updates!